Call for papers: Who Resists Globalisation? Globalism, regionalism, nationalism in 21st century law

The Italian Society for Research in Comparative Law invites scholars to submit contributions that will be selected for presentation in the parallel sessions of the 7th SIRD National Conference, dedicated to the theme: Who resists Globalisation? Globalisms, regionalisms, nationalisms in the law of the 21st century.

Today’s legal horizon is marked by growing tensions on a global scale, determined by the contrast between the visible fragmentation of the international order and the never-ending national or local instances resisting globalising  trends. In this scenario, the emergence of universal values is subject to contrasts, and the spaces where formalised rules are absent, conflicting, or inconsistent are expanding.

The conference is dedicated to exploring these issues from a variety of perspectives, in order to draw a first map of the areas where conspicuous innovations, as well as convergences and divergences, are located. The conference shall cover a variety of themes, ranging from the rule of law and the emergence of common constitutional traditions, to constitutional identities, digital sovereignty in its various aspects, the law of individuals and communities, the governance of transnational economic flows, climate change law and litigations.

Sessions dedicated to contributions dealing with aspects of the general theme of the Conference are scheduled for Friday, 14 October 2022, at the University of Bologna.

How to participate

Contributions related to the topics dealt with during the Conference may be presented, in particular if covering any of the following subjects:

  1. Digital sovereignty (how national rights intervene on typically supranational phenomena, as they are linked to the digital dimension, e.g. data flows, cryptocurrencies);
  2. The rule of law and its boundaries (Rule of law as normative and supranational standard, national applications and resistances, e.g. independence of the judiciary);
  3. Climate change: from principle to rules;
  4. Common constitutional traditions and national identities in European law;
  5. The law of persons and communities, global standards and national standards;
  6. Trade in goods and services, and regulatory flows (energy, natural resources,shipping, etc.)

Sird will select up to a maximum of 30 papers for presentation at the conference with expert input. The selection will be done by double-blind peer review.

Submission of call response

In order to submit your work, you are required to send an e-mail message to the following address: with an attachment in Word or PDF format containing the following data: name and
surname, affiliation office (if any), e-mail address; title of contribution; abstract (minimum 500 words – maximum 1000 words). We accept only previously unpublished papers, to be submitted in Italian or English.

The deadline for the call is 31 May 2022.

Download the full announcement in ITALIAN and ENGLISH